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Friday. July 3. 2020

JPBA to subsidize promotors for resuming matches, emphasizing PCR tests

The Japan Pro Boxing Association decided at its board meeting on July 3 that it will give financial aid to promoters to prevent possible transmission of the novel coronavirus infection, including the introduction of polymerase chain reaction tests for participating boxers and their chief seconds and their ‘’isolation’’ at hotels after they have cleared official weigh-ins held the preceding day.

The JPBA and Japan Boxing Commission have already made it obligatory for the boxers and chief seconds concerned to receive antibody tests vis-à-vis the coronavirus the day before their bouts. But they will put more emphasis on conducting PCR tests.

While Japanese boxing matches have been suspended ever since the coronavirus outbreak became rampant in March this year, they have decided to resume domestic boxing matches from July on a gradual basis.
The JBC said some 20,000 yen (about $186) will be required to conduct a PCR test for a person, and a total of more than 1 million yen will be needed as the case may be for one event, considering various safety costs.

The JPBA considers the bouts planned in the July-September period the first stage and those in the October-December period the second stage as it intends to give financial assistance depending upon the period and the situation. They did not specify the exact amount to be subsidized.

While the subsidies will be given to promotors in accordance with the number of persons involved, JPBA Secretary General Shosei Nitta said, ‘’We really hope they will be used only for health control purposes.’’
JPBA head Susumu Hanagata heaved a sigh of relief by saying, ‘’It has been a long time. We will be in a situation where we can conduct boxing matches at long last. But we must be careful. Honestly, I am truly relieved.’’

The central Japan rookie’s tournament in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, will be held on July 12, the first event since domestic boxing matches were suspended.