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JPBA’s head says hemp substance detected from Ioka not mere matter of amount,

Jul 01, 2023 10:22 am

Japan Pro Boxing Association President Shoji Kobayashi told an executive committee meeting with Japan Boxing Commission that he asked JBC to maintain a stern attitude on the detection of a hemp substance from Kazuto Ioka of Shisei Boxing Gym on June 21, three days before his successful title challenge to World Boxing Association super flyweight champion Joshua Franco of the United States.

Kobayashi continued, ‘’It’s not just the matter of the amount of the substance detected. But that is a matter of what not to do. We in the boxing people have to have a clean image, especially for the younger generation, which is expected to work in favor of increasing the number of boxers.

JBC issued a statement on June 21 that the detected amount of the substance was far below the average level set by the World Anti-Doping Agency and, therefore, does not run counter to doping violation in accordance with its relevant rules.

But Kobayashi brushed it aside by emphasizing it is not the numerical matter and said, ‘’For example, the use of a hemp substance may be permissible in Thailand, in the Netherlands and in some states of the U.S. depending on the amount and the case. But that is no-no here in Japan. That’s what it is all about.’’

In this connection, JBC Secretary General Tsuyoshi Yasukochi said, ‘’The amount of the hemp substance detected from Ioka’s urine sample was not a mere numerical value detected from inhaling secondhand smoke (of hemp) or cannabis chocolate. It was more than that. It was proved that the substance was taken in in some form. We don’t make light of that fact.’’

But Ioka strongly denied the uptake of the substance.

In this connection, JBC does not have its own standard on the upper and lower limit in connection with a doping test. It was under these circumstances that Ioka’s hemp substance was detected, and JBC had no choice but to depend on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s standard, which made it not illegal this time.

Though the detection of the hemp substance itself did not violate the Article 97 that regulates the prevention of various doping, JBC thinks such detection is not favorable in light of fostering healthy athletic activities.

JBC is planning to have an ethical committee meeting shortly and ask Ioka on the matter and will decide whether or not to punish him in this respect.

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