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Ex-world female champ Shindo to have semi-formal bout with male 4 rounder on Dec. 10

Oct 26, 2023 16:50 pm

  Former World Boxing Council female flyweight champion Go Shindo of Green Tsuda Boxing Gym will have a semi-formal bantamweight bout with Katsuyuki Ishibashi of Himeji Kinoshita Boxing Gym, a male 4 rounder, on Dec. 10 at EDION Arena Osaka’s annex, Green Tsuda gym’s head said on Oct. 26.

Shindo’s opponent Ishibashi

  According to Masaya Motoishi, the 36-year-old Shindo and Ishibashi will have a three-round bout with each round lasting three minutes. They will use eight-ounce gloves.

  The 35-year-old Ishibashi has a professional record of two wins against as many losses and one draw. He has no knockouts.

  Shindo became a male by going through sex reassignment surgery in 2017 in Thailand and changed his family registration after the surgery. Shindo is married and has four children as he always says, ‘’I want to show the figure I fight in the ring to my children.’’

  While Japan Boxing Commission does not approve a female boxer to take a license test as a male boxer, it has given a go-ahead to Shindo having a semi-formal bout during a professional boxing event as a special case.

JBC set up a ‘’trans male rule’’ a few months ago in which a former female boxer who has certain athletic ability will be able to get a special license and can have a three-round semi-formal bout in connection with a professional boxing event.

Shindo, who will have his first bout in seven years and a half, has issued a statement, ‘’I am happy that I will be able to face an active professional boxer. I will thank Mr. Ishibashi for having a semi-formal bout with me. At long last, I will be able to ‘punch each other with a male boxer in the ring.’ I myself is looking forward with great anticipation to having the bout. I don’t want to see beyond the end of my nose. Rather, I will concentrate on the Dec. 10 bout.’’

  Shindo has a record of 16 wins, including 11 KOs, against four losses as a female boxer.

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