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“Monster” Inoue resumes full-fledged training

Jul 14, 2021 23:00 pm

World Boxing Association ‘’super’’ and International Boxing Federation bantamweight champion Naoya ‘’Monster’’ Inoue of Ohashi Boxing Gym resumed training at the gym on July 13 after stopping the IBF’s mandatory challenger Michael Dasmarinas of the Philippines on June 19 in Las Vegas.
The following are an exchange of questions and answers sent by the gym:

Question: You started training after an isolation period. What do you think?
Answer: During the isolation period, I was doing muscle training. Today is the first time for me to do boxing training.

Q: Are you planning to go see the planned clash between World Boxing Organization bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero (Philippines) and WBA bantamweight kingpin Guillermo Rigondiaux (Cuba) in the United States?
A: If Casimero’s opponent had been Nonito Donaire (Philippines), I would have been scheduled to go see the fight. But I will not go since Rigondiaux replaced Donaire. I wanted to root for Donaire.

Q: After your title defense in June, the match-up among the other organizations changed. Is that right?
A: If the timing is right, I want to face Donaire. This is only my hope. Within this year, I want to face Donaire. After that I can meet the Aug. 14 winner between Casimero and Rigondiaux around next spring. I think this would be a good process for the bantamweight title unification fights.

Q: So, you don’t mind facing the champions of the other organizations one by one?
A: Yes, I will face one by one. Honestly, I wanted to see the Casimero-Donaire fight. That was ideal.

Q: Who do you think will win in the August showdown?
A: If Rigondiaux stuck to his fight firm plan, he would win it by decision. But Casidmero has a one-punch knockout power. Also, given Casimero’s rough defense, there might be a possibility of Rigondiaux knocking him out with his counter punch. If Casimero comes out strong, throwing big punches, Rigondiaux may take advantage of it and knock him out. It depends. Anything can happen.

Q: Is there any possibility that you will have a rematch with Donaire?
A: Donaire attained a devastating KO over Nordine Oubaali (France). That’s one of the things. Also, he has the WBC championship belt. That’s another reason.

Q: Do you think the Donaire you saw in the Oubaali fight has progressed from the Donaire you fought (two year ago)?
A: I think Donaire showed a devastating performance because his opponent was Oubaali. Considering Donaire’s age, I don’t think he has improved a lot in two years.

Q: Your impression of Donaire two years ago?
A: I was able to move a lot considering the fact that I fought virtually with one eye from the second round onward (Inoue suffer a fracture of the orbital floor in his left eye). Donaire will feel the same way because he suffered a knockdown in the 11th round despite my eye condition. Donaire himself also experienced a fracture of the orbital floor in his losing fight with Rigondiaux (in 2013)

Q: If you fight with Donaire, do you want to fight should be held in Japan or abroad?
A: Either way is fine. But if it is a fight with Donaire, (Japanese) fans would be more excited, I think.

Q: When do you start sparring sessions?
A: From August.

Q: Using orthodox-style partners?
A: For the time being Yes. If Rigondiaux wins, I will think about southpaw partners.

Q: Are you planning to move up to the heavier weight divisions?
A: I am not thinking about moving up to the super bantamweight too much. Because, I have to concentrate on unifying the bantamweight. (Photos by Ohashi Boxing Gym)

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