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New WBC light flyweight champ Teraji hopes to have bigger matches from now on

Mar 21, 2022 13:01 pm

Newly crowned World Boxing Council light flyweight champion Kenshiro Teraji of B.M.B Boxing Gym and his father told the press online on March 20, a day after his dramatic one-punch knockout win over Masamichi Yabuki of Midori Boxing Gym in Kyoto to regain the title he lost last September, he is interested in having bigger fights rather than an ordinary title defense.

Hisashi Teraji, head of the gym and the father of Teraji, popularly known as Kenshiro, echoed his son, ‘’As Kenshiro said after the fight, I want him to have the kind of matches that people will pay a lot of attention.’’

‘’We are hoping to have a match around this summer and one more fight at the end of the year, ‘’added the 57-year-old father.

Immediately after knocking out Yabuki, Kenshiro said from the ring he wants to fight with the champions of the other sanctioning bodies or move up in weight (to flyweight).

Kenshiro, 30, said he will change his fighting style depending on his opponents from now on like his March 19 fight with Yabuki, in which he moved forward and was active more so than in his past fights. ‘’My opponent (s) will get confused with my style of boxing. I think that way I will not get hit badly either.’’

Kenshiro said he will take a rest for the time being at his parent’s place.

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