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Monday. August 15. 2022

Tajima stops S. Korean Lee, wins Japan heavyweight title in his 2nd pro fight, shortest in history

Top-ranked Japanese heavyweight Brandon Mitsuro Tajima of KWORLD3 Boxing Gym needed only 69 seconds to stop South Korean heavyweight champion Lee Sung Min for the vacant Japanese heavyweight title on Aug. 14 at EDION Arena Osaka.

The 27-year-old Tajima became a Japanese champion with the shortest professional career (his second fight) in Japan. Previously, Naoya ‘’The Monster’’ Inoue of Ohashi Boxing Gym, Joichiro Tatsuyoshi of Osaka Teiken Boxing Gym and only a few others won the Japanese titles in their fourth professional fight, respectively.

The heavyweight crown was left vacant as then champion Ryu Ueda of Shakujii Sports Boxing Gym vacated the title after his planned fight with Tajima last year was cancelled due to Tajima’s backache. Tajima is the fourth Japanese heavyweight champion in history.

In the fight with 31-year-old Lee, Tajima, who had a 42-9 win-loss record as an amateur, kept his guard tight, landed a hard left hook at close quarters, staged a fierce attack and struck a right uppercut to the chin, which caused the referee to step in to call off the fight immediately.

After the fight, ‘’Tajima said, ‘’When I was an amateur boxer, the strongest heavyweight boxer was Mitsuro. I only proved that as a professional as well. That’s all. Winning the Japanese title is nothing special. But I am relieved and happy that I was able to win the title before fans.’’

Tajima, whose mother is a Brazilian, made a professional debut on Apr. 29 also in Osaka winning the first-round technical knockout over a South Korean boxer in a scheduled eight-rounder.
While Tajima was also given the South Korean heavyweight title, Japan Boxing Commission said it has nothing to do with that matter. With the loss, Lee has a record of seven wins, including two knockouts, against three losses and a draw.