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Heavyweight Tajima expected to have fight every month in next 4 months to build up career

Jun 06, 2023 19:37 pm

  Japanese heavyweight champion Mitsuro Brandon Tajima of KWORLD3 Boxing Gym, who will face Luis Jose Marin Garcia of Venezuela in an eight-round nontitle fight On June 10 at EDION Arena Osaka’s annex vis-à-vis the ‘’3150FIGHT SURVIVAL vol.5,’’ is expected to have a fight every month in the next four months, his promoter said on June 5 in Tokyo.

 Koki Kameda, head of Kameda Promotion Co., told reporters after Tajima’s two-rounds of sparring with Jeamie Tshikeva of Britain at Tokyo’s Watanabe Boxing Gym, ‘’Mitsuro will follow in the footsteps of (former world heavyweight champion) Mike Tyson.’’ Tyson fought 15 fights in 10 months after making his professional debut in 1985.

  According to Kameda, Tajima’s next fight in July will be held on July 21 at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall in an event to be held in cooperation with Ichiriki Boxing Gym.

  As there are no ‘’real’’ heavyweight sparring partners in Japan, the 28-year-old Tajima had full-fledged sparring for the first time in about six months. Since the 29-year-old Tshikeva stands 193 cm and weighs 118 kg (about 260 lbs), Tajima initially had a hard time coping with Tshikeva’s offense.

But after having a total of 40-50 rounds of sparring in a little less than three weeks, Tajima said, ‘’I felt growth because I was able to hit back at him in about two weeks. It was great for a beginning boxer like me to have been able to have a (precious) experience like this.’’

  Tshikeva had served as a sparring partner for his compatriot and former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua as well as for another compatriot World Boxing Association (Regular) heavyweight champion Daniel Dubois.

  Tshikeva, who is undefeated in his five bouts with three knockouts, said Tajima is good at selecting his punches and has a good timing, adding Tajima has a speedy boxer as a heavyweight.

  Tajima emphasized, ‘’A fledgling boxer like me cannot very well have a real sparring partner (like Tshikeva) always. Neither can I train myself abroad. So. I will take advantage of applying what I have learned through the training this time to my daily training.’’

  In the June 10 3150FIGHT SURVIVAL vol.5, Tajima, who has so far knocked out his five opponents in the first round ever since making his professional debut in April last year, will compete in the main event bout.

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