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JBC, JPBA discuss JBC’s organizational reform in quick fashion

Jul 08, 2023 14:45 pm

  Japan Boxing Commission and Japan Pro Boxing Associations jointly held an executive committee meeting on July 7 and decided that JBC will tackle various problems facing the boxing world in a rapid manner.

  JBC President Minoru Hagiwara and other top officials vowed to JPBA head Shoji Kobayashi and JPBA’s regional officials that JBC is contemplating its organizational reform and stipulations so that it can cope with various pending matters in a rapid fashion.

  In May, two Nigerian ‘’boxers,’’ who were knocked out easily in the first round in their respective bouts with fellow Nigerians in Sapporo, were later found to be different persons from the ones originally intended.

  In June, JBC had two boxers in a given weight division wear different sizes of gloves in a fight in Kyoto. Also, a bout believed to be an eight-rounder by JBC was later found to be a 10-round fight.

  Kobayashi said, ‘’It took too much time for JBC to tackle (these) problems. This is because what has been decided by an executive committee meeting is then put to JBC’s ethical committee at present, which is why it takes long time.’’

  ‘’We aim at preventing matters that don’t need to occur by bonding together because we all hope for the boxing world to become better equipped ‘’ Kobayashi continued.

  In this connection JBC Secretary General Tsuyoshi Yasukochi explained the background why it took too much time for JBC to make decisive-decision making on these matters as it is afraid of getting sued as it has lost various trials in the past.

  Concerning the matter on the detection of a hemp substance from Kazuto Ioka of Shisei Boxing Gym on June 21, three days before his successful title challenge to World Boxing Association super flyweight champion Joshua Franco of the United States, JBC explained it will draw up a set of rules at an early date as Hagiwara said JBC aims at creating rules in cooperation with JPBA.

  Yasukochi said, ‘’It won’t take much time before creating such rules. We want to make rules in this respect by the next meeting to be held on Aug. 11.’’

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