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‘Monster’ Inoue winds up sparring for May 6 fight with Nery at Tokyo Dome

Apr 19, 2024 9:34 am

  Undisputed world super bantamweight champion Naoya ‘’The Monster’’ Inoue of Ohashi Boxing Gym, who will defend his titles against the World Boxing Council’s top-ranked super bantamweight Luis Nery of Mexico on May 6 at Tokyo Dome, ended his sparring session on Apr. 18 at the Yokohama-based gym.

Inoue (L) spars with Lopez

  Former WBC youth world featherweight champion Jonathan Lopez of the United States and World Boxing Association’s 11th-ranked super bantamweight Kevin Gonzalez of Mexico served as Inoue’s sparring partners.

  On the final day, Inoue went four rounds with Lopez and said through the gym after the sparring as follows:

  I got the good impression from the sparring with them. I was able to do my kind of boxing against the opponents of high boxing skills. Though they were not strikingly similar to Nery, I think I can utilize the kind of techniques I used in the sparring in my fight with Nery to a great extent. My weight reduction effort has been going smoothly.

  Since we don’t know we can stage boxing fights at Tokyo Dome again. I think it will all depend on our performances this time. That is why the upcoming event is important. I hope I can share that aspect with capacity crowd spectators at the dome.

PHOTO by Ohashi Boxing Gym

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