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Friday. June 19. 2020

Guidelines for restarting boxing from July worked out despite COVID-19

The Japan Boxing Commission and Japan Pro Boxing Association have jointly approved the guidelines for restarting boxing matches in Japan from July, suspended for several months ever since the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, affected Japan and the rest of the world on various fronts.

The June 18 joint online conference followed the preliminary meeting held a week earlier calls for boxers appearing in the matches to go through COVID-19 antibody tests three weeks and the day before their fights after they have cleared official weigh-ins, held the day before their bouts.

They also touched upon fine details about the way boxers do sparring sessions at gymnasiums, adding they will try to cater to the societal changes in a better way as they are expected to present the guidelines to Japan Sports Agency.

If they have cleared everything, boxing matches will be resumed first on July 12 in the central Japanese city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, followed by bouts on July 16 in Tokyo, on July 19 in Japan’s southernmost prefecture of Okinawa, on July 22 in Tokyo, on July 25 in Kobe, western Japan, on July 26 in Kariya and on July 30 in Tokyo, according to boxing officials.

Among them, they plan to readmit spectators at matches in Okinawa, and Kobe, the officials said. They also hope to readmit spectators in the July 26 bouts depending upon the case.

JPBA Secretary General Shosei Nitta said, ‘’We hope to readmit spectators for matches from August onward.’’