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JBC imposes suspension on Teraji for his misconduct while latter meets with press

Dec 16, 2020 14:12 pm

The Japan Boxing Commission said on Dec. 15 it has decided to impose on World Boxing Council light flyweight champion Kenshiro Teraji of BMB Boxing Gym a three-month suspension of his boxer’s license effective on Dec. 1, 3 million yen (about $29,000) financial penalty and 48-200 hours of social engagement activities during the next six-month period for his misconduct last July.

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These measures came as the 28-year-old Teraji, who has so far retained his title seven times, damaged a parked car on the premises of another person in a state of inebriation after drinking liquor at a drinking establishment.

While Teraji is said to have no recollection of the misconduct as he is quoted as saying that the police department called him in November following a weekly magazine report to that effect and told him what he did.

He has already apologized the damaged car owner for what he did and already reached an out-of-court settlement, according to the magazine.

JBC Secretary General Tsuyoshi Yasukochi said, ‘’Although the out-of-court settlement has already been reached, he is an active world champion, and the JBC’s punishment is nothing heavy.’’
The WBC is not expected to deprive him of the title because the suspension period is relatively short. It will, therefore, not decide an interim champion.

After being informed of these decisions, Teraji, popularly known as Kenshiro, held a press conference and deeply apologized for persons concerned as he said, ‘’I will sincerely accept the JBC’s decision. I really reflect on myself and hope to do confidence restoration of other people. I also would like to become a graceful person. I quit drinking alcohol because it does not fit my body.’’

Concerning his planned title defense on Dec. 19 against compatriot Tetsuya Hisada of Harada Boxing Gym, Teraji said, ‘’I deeply apologize to him because he has been preparing for the bout.’’

Teraji, who normally trains at Tokyo’s Misako Boxing Gym, currently stays at home without going to the gym. While he thought about quitting boxing, he said, ‘’The only way I can restore my confidence is through boxing, which is the only thing I have. I cannot restore anything if I quit boxing now.’’

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