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New WBC light flyweight champ Yabuki remains half and half about his future

Sep 23, 2021 12:56 pm

Newly crowned World Boxing Council light flyweight champion Masamichi Yabuki of Midori Boxing Gym said after stopping previously undefeated Kenshiro Teraji in the 10th round at Kyoto City Gymnasium on Sept. 22 that he is half and half about his future in his boxing life.

Speaking before a group of reporters in a press conference room after the fight, the 29-year-old Yabuki said, ‘’I entered the ring with the feeling that I would hang up my gloves no matter what results have followed. Since I beat the strongest champion (Teraji) in the division, there would be no reason to continue fighting.’’

‘’There is not a lot of money in lightweight division fights. In addition, I have my children (two) to take care of,’’ Yabuki, whose face is marked with scars he suffered in the fight, added.

But it would take more time for him to reach a decisive conclusion, according to boxing experts.
Talking about the fight, Yabuki said Teraji’s boxing was within the scope of his assumption but added he almost gave up fighting before the latter’s tremendous rally although Yabuki does not remember the exact round.

When Yuji Fukuchi, the referee of the fight, stepped in to call off the fight (in the 10th round), Yabuki sincerely thought, ‘’I did it.’’

Meanwhile, Teraji was brought directly to a hospital for the treatment of the injuries he sustained on the lid of his right eye. His father and the head of the gym Hisashi said, ‘’Kenshiro’s condition was not so bad but not at his best considering the fact that he was isolated for a certain period of time after having tested positive for COVID-19 in late August. The fight was originally scheduled for Sept. 10 but was postponed until Sept. 22.

‘’I thought Kenshiro would end the fight in the 10th round. But he appeared his stamina ran out. Mr. Yabuki, who withstood Kenshiro’s onslaught, deserved victory.

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