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Head of ex-WBC champ Teraji’ dissatisfied with JBC’s response to questionnaire on recent fight with Yabuki

Nov 09, 2021 9:49 am

The head of BMB Boxing Gym in Kyoto Prefecture held a press conference on Nov. 8 and took issue with the Japan Boxing Commission’s response to a questionnaire he issued earlier on the result of the World Boxing Council light flyweight title match held on Sept. 22, in which top-ranked Masamichi Yabuki of Midori Boxing Gym stopped previously undefeated champion Kenshiro Teraji in the 10th round aided by Yabuki’s ‘’intentional head butt.’’

Hisashi Teraji, also the father of Kenshiro, is not satisfied with the JBC’s response to the effect that the conduct of the referee of the fight when Kenshiro bled profusely from the above his right eyelid in the ninth round at Kyoto City Gymnasium had nothing to do with Yabuki’s ‘’head butt’’ as claimed by Teraji, saying It was caused by Yabuki’s punches.

On Oct. 5, Teraji presented the video of the scene in which Yabuki ‘’thumped his head’’ to Kenshiro in addition to the questionnaire.

Teraji is of the view that he has no complaint on the result of the fight itself but cannot condone the fact that the JBC remained silent on Yabuji’s ‘’intentional head butt’’ to turn the tide in favor of him in the ninth round. He said, ‘’If the referee admits his mistake about his judging that Yabuki intentionally relied on his head butt because the fight was going against him, I will not become emotional.’’

Teraji’s lawyer, who was present at the conference, said, ‘’I will show respect to the JBC for responding to our questionnaire. While we will not bring this into a legal battle, we hope to see a clean fight if boxing is to develop as a sport.’’

Teraji added, ‘’At this point in time I have not talked with Kenshiro about his future. But I think he will continue boxing and have a rematch (with Yabuki) because we have an option (for a rematch) if the WBC issues instructions to do so. Kenshiro himself will have a press conference at an early date.’’

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