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Friday. January 21. 2022

‘Monster’ Inoue appears in popular musician Hotei’s Still Dreamin’ MV

World Boxing Association’s ‘’super’’ and International Boxing Federation’s bantamweight champion Naoya ‘’Monster’’ Inoue of Ohashi Boxing Gym has taken part in the music video of popular Japanese musician Tomoyasu Hotei’s new name piece Still Dreamin’ as it was unfurled just recently. The music video will officially be released on Feb. 1, the 60th birthday of Hotei.

Inoue said, ‘’I am really honored to have been able to participate in the music video Still Dreamin’ of my mentor Mr. Hotei. It has positive lyrics backed by rock melody. I myself was able to get a forward-looking attitude. I am sure this music will motive and inspire many people.’’

Takayuki Suzuk, a Paralympic swimmer who won one gold medal, two silvers and two bronzes, at this year’s Tokyo Paralympics, Masahiro Higuchi, a bouldering expert, well-known skateboarder Hanon Saito and popular dancer KANAMI (kanami Kusajima) also appeared in the video.