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Ex-world female champ Shindo to have semi-formal bout as male boxer on Dec. 10 in Osaka

Oct 14, 2023 19:11 pm

  Former World Boxing Council female flyweight champion Go Shindo of Green Tsuda Boxing Gym will have a semi-formal bantamweight bout with a male boxer on Dec. 10 at EDION Arena Osaka’s annex, the Osaka-based gym’s head said on Oct. 13.

Shindo (L) and gym’s head Motoishi at press conference

  According to Masaya Motoishi, the 36-year-old Shindo will have a three-round fight with each round lasting three minutes. Though his opponent, a 4 rounder with a record of two wins or more, has not yet been decided, the possible candidates have been narrowed down to three.

  Depending upon the result of the bout, Japan Boxing Commission may approve Shindo as a legitimate male boxer, boxing sources said.

  Shindo became a male by going through sex reassignment surgery in 2017 in Thailand and changed his family registration after the surgery. Shindo is married and has four children as he always says, ‘’I want to show the figure I fight in the ring to my children.’’

  While JBC rejected Shindo’s wish to take a license test to become a professional boxer as a male last July, it set up a ‘’trans male rule,’’ in which a former female boxer who has certain athletic ability will be able to get a special license and can have a three-round semi-formal bout during a professional boxing event. Depending upon the performance of the bout there might be a possibility of enabling him to have a real professional license test.

  Shindo, who will have his first bout in seven years and a half, told reporters, ‘’I will devote myself to heart and soul for the upcoming bout. After the bout, I will put a hand over my heart so that I can finalize my decision. Anyway, I am determined to do my kind of boxing so that I can win the bout. I will train hard in the remaining two months. I am looking forward to the Dec. 10 bout. I want to do the kind of fight fans can enjoy.’’

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