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Takasago Boxing Gym suspended indefinitely for arrest of gym’s head

Mar 12, 2021 17:27 pm

West Japan Boxing Association decided at its extraordinary committee meeting on March 11 in Osaka that it will impose an indefinite suspension on activities of Takasago Boxing Gym in Hyogo Prefecture’s Takasago, western Japan, following the arrest of gym’s president Tadanori Yamashita, 55, for his alleged trespassing on the room of a multiple dwelling unit for two women on March 2.

One of the two women is said to be World Boxing Organization world female atomweight champion Mika Iwakawa of the gym.

Yamashita admitted the crime since he was caught on March 1 on a security camera set at the advice of the prefecture’s Takasago Police Station.

According to police investigations, the women found a voice recorder while cleaning the room in January and reported that to the police station, which advised to install the camera as a precaution.

WJBA reached the decision since Yamashita was arrested for more than once by threatening and injuring boxers who said they would quit the gym.

It was under these circumstances that the WJBA decided to impose the suspension on the gym as such behavior of Yamashita would harm the image of the entire boxing world.

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