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High court orders JBC to pay some 100 mil. yen in damage suit filed by Kameda brothers, upholding lower court decision

Feb 25, 2022 11:13 am

The Tokyo High Court on Feb. 24 upheld the lower court decision and ordered Japan Boxing Commission to pay 100.1 million yen (some 866,400 U.S. dollars) as damages incurred by the so-called ‘’three Kameda boxing brothers’’ and a company promoting their fights.

The amount the high court came up with was a little more than twice the 45.5 million yen (some 394,000 USD) that Tokyo District Court requested earlier.

The brothers led by the eldest brother Koki made a claim for damages against JBC since they were not able to fight in Japan for their alleged misconduct following the title unification bout between then International Boxing Federation super flyweight champion Daiki Kameda, the second brother, and then world Boxing Association super bantamweight ruler Liborio Solis of Venezuela in December 2013.

Though Solis failed to make the super flyweight weight limit, he beat Daiki in the fight itself the following day, which created an uproar over the handling of Daiki’s status. JBC said Daiki’s title would become vacant. But the Kameda side insisted Daiki’s title would stay as it is.

While the IBF side was initially of the view that should Daiki fail to win the fight, the IBF title would become vacant. But both the IBF and the Kameda side made a modification after the bout, and Daiki’s title was maintained.

Since JBC did not allow the Kameda brothers to have fights in Japan, claiming they caused confusion and damaged JBC’s credibility. The Kameda brothers could not have fights in Japan thereafter.

Kameda’s lawyer Haruo Kitamura indicated to the press, ‘’While initially the lower court thought the Kameda side had ‘’lost’’ one fight, the high court thought they failed to have two fights. I think that is the reason of the increased amount of compensation payment.’’

Koki, who attended the press conference along with Daiki said, ‘’ I heaved a sigh of relief. I hope JBC will become an organization that can correctly handle things so that boxers suffering from matters like us would not appear in the future.’’

JBC Commissioner Yuhei Nagata held a press conference online the same day and said, ‘’What is most important is to continue to have fights. In this connection, we hope to closely examine the high court’s decision.’’

‘’We also hope to cooperate with the Japan Pro Boxing Association on this matter as well because we both are organizations that aim at enhancing the attractiveness of professional boxing.’’

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