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GGG says it is difficult to predict tide of game as showdown with Murata coming up

Apr 07, 2022 10:23 am

International Boxing Federation middleweight champion Gennadiy Gennadyevich Golovkin of Kazakhstan gave a written response to questions of the press on Apr. 6 in Tokyo before his title unification fight with World Boxing Association middleweight ‘’super’’ champion Ryota Murata of Teiken Boxing Gym on Apr. 9 at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture.

The following is the question-and-answer session in the form of a pool coverage at the Teiken gym where Golovkin, popularly known as GGG, has been conducting his final adjustment for the fight.

Question: What do you think about your Japanese life in terms of staying at a hotel, foods and environment? Were your worried about the frequent occurrence of earthquakes because we had a big one last month (on March 16).

Answer: Let me first greet you with ‘’good afternoon.’’ I am satisfied with everything here. The acceptance mechanism is perfect. Everything I need is equipped here. I feel very comfortable. I am grateful for this. Soon after my arrival in Japan (on March 31), there was also an earthquake. But I was not too much sensitive about that. It ended soon anyway.

Q: We know you are carrying out a thorough prevention of COVID-19. Since you are staying in your bubble, is there anything that you find it inconvenient?

A: Not at all. I don’t feel any inconvenience. It’s a rule, and what is most important for me is my health. So, it is the foremost important thing for us all not to suffer health problems.

Q: What is your impression of Japanese people although the number of people you get in touch with is limited?

A: First, my impression of Japan is magnificent. The weather is fine, and everybody thinks positively. This is what I had imagined (before coming to Japan) to a certain extent, and that was correct. Your consideration for others’ feelings and good service, which I think are the best compared with what I have experienced so far in my life. In Japan, lots of people love sports in general and root for the athletes concerned. Japanese people treat people with the sense of respect. I am happy to be here because I can feel the nation’s tradition and culture.

Q: About the fight, Mr. Murata is likely to come forward by pressuring you. How do you cope with that? Or, conversely speaking, Mr. Golovkin, will you come out by putting pressure on Mr. Murata? Would you please tell us about your strategy as best as you can?

A: At this point in time, I cannot predict the tide of the game. We both have more than one pattern after the fight has started. But the only thing I can promise is the coming fight will be a spectacular one.

Q: This is going to be your first fight in a year and four months, the longest absence in your career. How would you cope with it?

A: True a lot of time has passed since my last fight. I think I have many things I have to cope with. But this is not attributed to me. My opponent (Murata) is also in a similar situation (the absence of two years and four months). In other words, he and I are in the same situation.
In this regard, I will send my thanks for the promoter of the fight and people who have moved heaven and earther to realize the fight.

Golovkin, who will turn 40 on Apr. 8, has a record of 41 wins, including 36 KOs, against a loss and a draw, while the 36-year-old Murata has a 16-2 win-loss tally with 13 KOs.
Photo by Teiken Boxing Gym

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